Prof. Dan Mishmar

Lab Members

Prof. Dan Mishmar

Status : Lab Head (Associate Professor)

Email : 

Department of Life Sciences
Building 40, room 009
Ben-Gurion University 
Beer Sheva,84105
Tel: +972-8-6461355+972-8-6461355, 6477917
Fax: +972-8-6461356‎



Present graduate Students and postdoctoral fellows

Dadon Sara

Status : Technical and teaching support (M.Med.Sc)

Email :



Nicol Poznianski


Status : M.Sc. candidate

Email :

Current project:






Shir Zaccai


Status :M.Sc. candidate

Email :

Current project:

Exploring novel direct regulators of mtDNA transcription: c-Jun and JunD as a model






Gilad Barshad


Status :  PhD candidate

Email :

Current project:

Deciphering the Network of Physical Interactions Between Human Mitochondrial Complex I Subunits 





Tal Cohen


Status : PhD candidate

Email :

Current project:Investigating the molecular basis of mtDNA expression pattern differences in humans






Shani Martsiano


Status : PhD candidate

Email :

Current project:Functional assessment of non-coding mtDNA variants: Exploring the grammar that governs mitochondrial regulatory sites.




Rotem Levin


Status :M.Sc candidate

Email : 

Current project:Deciphering the physiological importance of chromatin-like mtDNA organization






Undergrad students

 Hadar Medini 

Status : 

Email : 

Current project:single cell analysis of mtDNA gene expression





 Ayala Rahav 

Status : 

Email : 

Current project:library design for high throughput in vitro mtDNA transcription assay




Graduated students




(Graduation year)

Where are they now?

Mrs. Sarit Suissa (Zaguri)

MSc (2007)

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Ms Yael Garbian

MSc (2009)

PhD student, Hebrew University

Dr. Jeanette Feder PhD

PhD (2010)

Project Manager at Toldot Genetics

Dr. Shirly Amar

[Joint supervision with Prof. Galila Agam, BGU; Eshkol scholarship, faculty prize for excellent PhD students]

PhD (2011)

The Genetic Institute, Soroka Medical center

Ms Mor Buchshtav

MSc (2010)

Regulatory project manager at ConTIPI Ltd

Ms Yasmin Toiw

MSc (2010)

PhD student, Technion

Ms Naama Shani  

MSc (2011)

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Dr. Moran Gershoni

[Hanegev scholarship for excellent PhD students; Ori foundation scholarship for excellence in mitochondrial research]

PhD (2012)

Postdoctoral fellow, Weizmann Institute of Science.

Dr. Ilia Zhidkov

(joint supervision with Dr. Eitan Rubin, Faculty of health sciences, BGU) [Center for Complexity Science scholarship for excellent PhD students]

PhD (2012)

EvoGene LTD

Ms Gal Avital

MSc (2012)

PHD., Prof. Itai Yanai's lab, Technion

Dr. Michal Silber

Basic Science studies for MD interns

Meir Hospital, Kfar Sava.

Dr. Noa-Sophie Kohler

Postdoctoral fellow [Jacque Loeb Center for the Philosophy of Science fellowship]


Ms Oshrat Or

MSc (2015)


Dr. Jami Milam

Postdoctoral fellow  

Dr. Dan Bar-Yaacov

(joint supervision with Dr. Amos Bouskila, BGU)

PhD (2015) Postdoctoral fellow, .Morgridge Institute for Research, Department of Zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Amit Blumberg

PhD (2016) Postdoctoral fellow, Adam Siepel lab, CSHL 

Dr. Liron Levin

PhD (2016) Bioinformatics Core Facility, BGU