The main goal of the Cytometry, Affinity and Imaging unit is to provide NIBN, university investigators and commercial companies with access to sophisticated and high throughput instruments which enhance their research. 

Training sessions  for students on some of the instruments are availble so that they can operate them independently.

Help is also available with planning the experiment for optimal results and with data analysis

Available  services:

FACS unit:

High speed sorting of cell sub populations

Analysis of multistained cells

Single cell sorting into plates


Affinity measurements:

Kinetic measurements of molecular interactions in a high throughput mode

Affinity measurments of molecular interactions using small amounts of materials


Image acquisition:

Image acquisition using a 4 laser confocal microscope

High throughput image acquisition and anlysis from multiwell plates ina CO2\Temp controlled chamber


Absorbance\Luminescence\fluorescence measurements:

A  robot connected to a high speed plate reader for a high throughput data acquisition